Approved financial allocations for the Mustansiriya University And the role of the dormitories at influencing


The general budget of the state is based on annual estimates of government revenues and expenses, is considered as a financial economical and political document is used by balance rule The University of Mustansiriyah , one of the institutions of the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research of Iraq .. The University's administrative structure within a number of districts in addition to colleges, the Directorate of Finance Affairs and the Directorate of HostelsThe financial records of the University show's that, the amount which required to cover the needs of the Directorate of hostels is a financial burden, can not expect its limits, in return for very low income, and make matters worse, increasing students complained the dormitories. May become a burden consumes a large budget of the University.In this research, the researcher aims at and through the experience and the reality of financial records for financial year 2009 show's that the size of the financial burden and causes, with some proposed solutions that aim's to reduce this burden


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