Preparation of Polyvinylpyrrolidinone With Paracetamol as Drug Polymer


Abstract:The prodrug polymer was prepared according to ring opening of polyvinylpyrrollidinone with nuecleophilic attack of hydroxyl group of paracetamol.The new colorless drug polymer was formed with 92% conversionpercentage with intrinsic viscosity was equal to (0.61dl/g). The drug polymer wascharacterized and identified by1H-NMR, IR and UV. Spectroscopy. Controlledreleased rates were studied in acidic and basic medium at 30 0C and 40 0C.Rate of hydrolysis of paracetamolate ester acts as base > acid, and the rate ofrelease, depends on temperature and pH values. The results show higher hydrolysisat higher temperature as well as higher pH value.