Towards sustainable business organizations to focus on Human Resources


This research aims to build organizations and sustainable through the adoption of these organizations on intangible assets and of human resources, and this is reason business organizations at the present time to make a balance between economic requirements, environmental, social, and systems and internal processes to serve future generations - and forachieve this, we will take an in-depth look at how to build sustainable organizations (sustainable organizations), since its inception from the primitive idea that has become a mature framework in the twenty-first century. We would also like to note that the role of human resources in building organizations sustainable is the end result that the researchers sought to access it through their research current and which explained its contents in a sequential manner, and we stress here that this is not the first attempt of its kind, but what gives it flavor of modernity is the inclusion of search for all variables that may notify the mind and the interested reader, and give him the added privacy is treated the subject through create ممازجة between the advanced ideas of the most modern management schools in the world, but Arabic language, which represents Rphia for researchers interested in this sensitive subject and talk.


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