Thermo Physical Behavior of Binary and Ternary System's For Cyclohexanol With Some Ketones at Three Temperatures


The density and viscosity of binary mixtures cyclohexanol + 2-hexanone, cyclohexanol + 2-heptanone and ternary mixture cyclohexanol + 2-hexanone + 2-heptanone have been measured over the range of temperatures (293.15K, 303.15K and 313.15K).The excess molar volume and excess viscosity of binary systems were also calculated, and the results were fitted to a well-known Redlich-kister-type polynomial equation. As for the ternary system studied, the excess molar volume shows a positive from ideal at the three different temperatures studied. The excess viscosity shows positive deviation from the ideality at (293.15K and 303.15K) at decrease mole fraction X1, and at the temperature (313.15K) shows a positive deviation and becomes too negative deviation at increase of the mole fraction X1.