Radon Measurements in Different Types of Carbonated Drinks in Iraq


In this study, the concentrations of radon (222Rn) radioactive isotope in different types of carbonated drink samples, as well as, in sterilized drinking water were determined. Measurements were made , using long-term technique for alpha particles emission with solid state nuclear track detector type CR-39. Twelve types of different carbonated drinks were brought from local markets in Iraq. The results showed that Radon concentrations in carbonated drinks samples were ranging between (1.771 - 5.642) Bq/L; while the average value was (3.835 Bq/L). The highest concentration was found in peach drink samples, whereas the lowest concentration was in the orange flavored drink. Also that radon concentration in sterilized drinking water was measured 1.642 Bq/L. However, these values were lower than allowed maximum contaminant level (MCL) for (222Rn) in drinking water as reported by USA Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) which is about 11.1 Bq/L.