Combined Convection In a TSNFL Square Cavity Under Various Moving Wall Directions


Laminar combined convection air flow in a two-sided non-facing lid-driven (TSNFL) square cavity has been investigated numerically using a finite element method. The upper and lower walls are maintained at constant cold and hot temperatures respectively, while the left and right side walls are considered adiabatic. Four groups are considered for the movements of the TSNFL cavity walls and each group contains four different cases. All the non-facing cavity walls are considered to move at a constant lid velocity. Simulation of the cavity flow has been performed at three different Richardson numbers representing the natural convection, combined convection, and forced convection. The effect of the Richardson number and the movements of the TSNFL cavity walls on the heat transfer process are studied. The results are presented graphically in the form of streamlines, isotherms and average Nusselt number. The results indicated that the vortices grow with the direction of the movements of TSNFL cavity walls and the average Nusselt number decreases when the Richardson number increases. The results are compared with another published result and a good agreement are obtained.