Fabrication of Te Micro-Tubes and TeO2 Micro-Wires From Powders by Cold Spray


A one-dimensional micro-structured tellurium (Te) microtube and telluriumdioxide (TeO2) microwire were successfully prepared by cold spray process inlarge scale by a facile approach of sprayed (Te), (TeO2) dry powder in an inertatmosphere using helium gas onto glass substrate. Tellurium and Tellurium dioxidewere sprayed by heating carrier gas at (200,300,400 and 500 °C) and 2 MPapressure on the glass substrate (100°C). Heat treatment was done under vacuum(0.0133mbar) for (30 min) at (200°C) for Te and (400°C) for TeO2.The preparedmicrotubes and microwire was examined by XRD, AFM and SEM. The resultshowed that the obtained microtubes and microwire were highly pure.