The Incidence of Pain after Root Canal Treatment Using Different Irrigation Methods


The aim of this study was to compare the postoperative level of pain after root canal therapy using different irrigation protocol. Materials and method: in a clinical trial, 90 asymptomatic single-rooted teeth were treated endodontically with different irrigation techniques. The teeth were randomly assigned into three groups. In group I(n = 30), procedures were performed using an endodontic irrigating syringe (Vista, Appli-vac). The group II (n = 30) used an irrigation device based on subsonic system Endoactivator (Dentsply Tulsa Dental Specialist). In group III (n = 30) used Safety Irrigator (Vista Dental Products, WI). Pain levels were assessed by an analog scale questionnaire after 4, 24, and 48 hours. Results: during the all time intervals after treatment, the pain experience with group III was significantly lower than the other methods. In conclusion, an irrigation/evacuation system Safety Irrigator resulted in significantly less postoperative pain than subsonic Endoactivator and conventional needle irrigation.