The impact of the use of Holly Quran recitation in the development of some basic offensive skills for basketball players on wheelchair


The Research aims:1 - Preparing a developing program by using relaxation in the indirect mental training method for developing some basic basketball skills for the basketball wheelchair players.2 - Knowing the impact of developing program by using the Holy Quran recitations in relaxation for developing some basic basketball skills for the wheelchair players. The research employed the experimental method for its appropriateness for the nature of the research. The research community comprised of basketball wheelchair players. Who are registered in the Iraqi Paralympic Committee as basketball teams of the provinces of (Erbil, Dohuk and Sulaymaniya). The research sample was selected intentionally (12) Basketball wheelchair players of Erbil Team province. They were divided into two groups of equal numbers i.e. (6) players per group, one of them Control group and the other Experimental group. The developing methods have been distributed to both groups of educational research by draw. The control group performed the training curriculum of the wheelchair basketball team (the basic offensive basketball skills), whereas the experimental group performed the same curriculum in addition to the proposed program, the latter was performed in indirect mental training method. The educational program consists of (12) developing unit for the experimental group distributed to (6) weeks, i.e. (2) developing units per week, and the duration of each module is (90) minutes.Both of the groups of research semiweekly (on Saturday and Monday) were launched the implementation of the developing programs on 14 May 2011, and lasted for (6) weeks; i.e. ended on 20 June 2011.The following statistics methods were adopted Arithmetic Means, Standard Deviation, Percentage, T. test for the paired samples one way, and L.S.D test. The research was analyzed by using the SPSS statistical program.The Research concluded:1 - The indirect mental training manner had a positive effect with differences in moral significances. The aforementioned manner was more effective positively than the traditional method in their moral significances in the basic offensive skills of basketball in the research sample.2 -The time period (8) minutes of indirect mental training, in which the Holy Quran recitations were used, was very impressive and important, the players were returned to the point of almost pre-exercise psychological comfort, and the muscle and the mind relaxations.3 - The quality and the sweetness of the reciter's voice as well as the recitation of the selected Sura were very influential factors in the research. They helped to attract the players' attentions and their attendance, and keeping quietness in order to listen to scented recitations.4 - The players with special needs, especially of those who conducted the research (basketball wheelchair players) are committed to strongest commitment to psychological and emotional stances, and they revolt and then calm down quickly, thus they are in need of special psychological treatment, especially by the coach and supervisors.The Research Recommends:1 - Using indirect mental training method rather than traditional one in training, teaching and developing to the basketball wheelchair players.2 - Emphasis on the use of mental and muscular relaxation with beginners, because they lead to the development of attention and concentration, and the reduction of anxiety and stress during the teaching and developing basic basketball skills of the wheelchair players.3 - Using indirect mental training method for other players - with special needs who exercise other games - in their training, teaching and developing programs.4 - Emphasis on the psychological aspect, good treatment and patience of the coach during the teaching of the basic basketball skills for gaining good motor skill and desired results.5 - The research recommends the Paralympic Committee to depend on training, teaching and developing programs which contain mental training.