Preparation of Poly (N-Cephalexin Amic Acids) as Drug Polymers


Abstract:In this work new monomers have been prepared such as N-Cephalexinmaleamic acid M1 and N-Cephalexin citriconamic acid M2 , from reaction ofCephalexine with maleic anhydride and citraconic anhydride at room temperatureusing dioxane as a solvent.The new prepared monomers M1and M2 were polymerized free radicallywith AIBN as initiator to their corresponding poly amic acids P1 and P2. Whichwere converted to their sodium salt polymers P3 and P4 to enhance their solubilityin water.The physical and chemical properties were studied; the prepared monomersand polymers were characterized by FTIR, 1H-NMR and UV. Spectroscopy, theintrinsic viscosity was measured by Ostwald viscometer at 30 0C with DMF as asolvent; the drug release rate was studied. Experimental results showed that thehydrolysis of Cephalexin in alkaline medium was higher than acidic medium.