Urinary Tract Infection Among Children's Under (12) Years Old In Tikrit City


Abstract:A total of 160 urine samples from patient attendants to Tikrit TeachingHospital in Tikrit during the priod from 1st June to 30 September 2001 with signsand symptoms suggestive of urinary tract infection .Only 51 urine sample (32%)were positive yielded significant Bacteruria.The result indicated that E.coli was the most frequent organism (41%) andconsequently followed by Klebseilla spp., Enterobacter spp. (15.5%) andproteus mirabilus, pseudomonas aeruginosa (10%). Urinary Tract Infections areless common in male than female 19 (12%) and 32 (20%) respectively. Cell wasfound with bicteria in all the positive cases (the 51 urine sample).Regarding to relation of U.T.I. with age, the result showed that the mostfrequent infected patient was in age group of (6-8) years in both females andmale 9(5.6%) and 5 (3%) respectively .The samples were examined within 30min, specimens were cultured on blood agar, MacConky agar .and nutrient agar,