Evaluation the alpha yields from (p,α) reactions for Kr, Zr and Mo element targets


The levels of some electrolytes (Na+ and K+ ) were studied in patients with chronic liver disease and others with cirrhosis . The results were compared with those obtained from healthy persons .All samples were collected from The City of Medicine hospital of digestive tract diseases. The results showed a significance appearance of hyponatremia in cirrhotic patients when compared with the healthy group (130.4 vs 147.1mmol/l , p<0.05), and a significance hyperkalemia in chronic liver patients when compared with healthy group ( 5.7 vs 3.9 mmol/l , p<0.05) . A strong correlation between the type of liver disease and the level of Na+ , K+ ions indicates that cirrhosis liver lead to hyponatremia ( r=0.78 , p<0.03), and chronic liver leads to hyperkalemia (r=0.83 , p<0.02) . The aim of this study was to compare the ratio of electrolytes (sodium and potassium ) in samples infected by different liver diseases (chronic LD , cirrhosis LD) with healthy group, and make a review of effect of the complication of cirrhosis disease on Na+ - K+ pump .