Extraction some active compounds, mineral of leaves extracts of the sage (Salvia officinalis) and study inhibition activity against some plant pathogenic fungi


This study was conducted to find out the active compounds in three kinds of crude extract of sage leaves, which are cold water, hot water and alcoholic extracts in addition to determine minerals concentrations in these three extracts as well as the percentage of the essential components. The inhibitory effects of three concentrations :( 5%, 10% and 15%) for each extract against three plants pathogenic fungi were tested in vitro. The results showed that all extracts under study have the ability to inhibit the growth of Fusarium solani. Hot water extract at concentration 15% was the most inhibited for this fungus, while alcoholic extract with 5% was the most inhibited for Rhizoctonia solani. The growth of Alternaria alternate showed low affecte against all concentration of the three extracts.