Mixed convection Flow Along a Horizontal Permeable Lpate in Porous Medium With Variable Permeability-Surface Temperature And Concentration (English)


AbstractThe non-Darcy mixed convection from a horizontal permeable surface embedded in a saturated porous medium with the simultaneous heat and mass transfer has been studied. Uniform and variable permeability effects are also investigated. Variable surface temperature and concentration was considered as a surface condition. Nonsimilar governing equations are obtained by using a suitable transformation and solved numerically by a finite difference method. It is observed that for uniform permeability surface fluid suction and increasing the power law index, thermal dispersion parameter, and buoyancy ratio increases the heat and mass transfer rates. Surface fluid injection and increasing the inertia effect parameter have opposite effect. Increasing Lewis number decreases the heat transfer rate and increases the mass transfer rate. For any particular parameter, variable permeability enhances the heat and mass transfer rates. Keywords: Porous medium, Mixed convection, Horizontal plate, Nonsimilarity solutions, Heat and mass transfer.