The Implications of Modifying Traffic Circulation Down Town Amman CITY(English)


AbstractUrban regeneration requires collaboration of traffic engineers with urban planners and architects to provide decision makers with quantitative assessment of the impact of attempted changes in the urban setting. Simulating traffic is a very powerful assessment tool for both traffic engineers and urban planners to help decision makers in selecting the best alternative solution based on predefined criteria while saving resources with high level of precision and accuracy. In this research paper, six action plans were suggested: provide better pedestrian facilities; provide better parking facilities; organize loading and unloading operations; relocate terminals and public transport routes; propose new circulation plan; and relocate the Police Station on Faisal Street. In accordance with all actions, an optimal traffic circulation scenario (new circulation plan) was compared to the do-nothing circulation scenario (current circulation plan). Macro and micro measures of effectiveness are used to quantitatively compare between the two scenarios. Results showed notable improvements in favor of the proposed new circulation plan; however traffic conditions are expected to significantly improve if the demand implications of adopting the other actions were considered.