Parking Study in Al- Mustansiriya University Main Campus


Parking at universities campus has its environment and character and, it is not accurate to formalize generalized planning factors for this traffic and parking generators without some detailed study. The main purpose of this study is to evaluate and analyze the current parking supply and demand for Al-Mustansirya campus for the target year 2015. The study consists of parking supply inventory, license plate survey and parkers questionnaire survey,. Data collected related to campus population and car ownership. The data were analyzed to determine major parking characteristics in the study area and identify the current parking inadequacies and the anticipated future parking situation in the study area. Based on the analysis of future parking demand, the growth and development within the university campus, the future parking demand is expected to exceed the current parking supply. According to the developed projection formulas the additional parking supply needed by the target year 2015 are 644 spaces to accommodate the future parking demand in university campus area.