Determination of Meloxicam in Pharmaceutical Formulation byAzo-Coupling Reaction with Sulphanilic Acid Using Both Batch and Flow- Injection Technique


Two sensitive and fast spectrophotometric methods were used by batch and flow-injection spectrophotometric techniques for the determination of meloxicam are proposed. The methods were based on azo-coupling reaction of meloxicam with sulphanilic acid in the presence of sodium nitrite in alkaline medium after converted to primary aromatic amine. The calibration curves resulting from measuring the absorbance at 365 nm are linear over the ranges 1.0-20 and 3.0-30µg/ml with detection limits of 0.5 and 1.0µg/ml, respectively. The molar absorptivity and Sandell index were 1.3839×104l/ and 2.539×10-2µg/cm2 respectively. The methods are applied to the routine analysis of meloxicam in pharmaceutical formulations.