Construction value system in the Canadian Dalia Mystery Text of the Umayyad


Talking about building value system in Dalia convincing Canadian means talking about "model" moral and social which flows into the door of Islamic ethics and literature, having spotted us manifestations of concern for the establishment of the system of values ​​of Islamic and humanity, that honor belonging to this religion is not only through the conservation of these values ​​and guarded, providing us valuable, and ideas, and the meanings of a noble, as well as values ​​emotional, in an environment mixed with Arab values ​​inherent of chivalry, nobility, and generosity, and loyalty, with what breed of negative values ​​Kkhchih poverty, diet ignorance that priced the fire of war to avenge the camel or beast.Came the poem in order to install the positive values, and redeem the souls of Darren values ​​ignorance Repellents by ensuring arrived construction value system upstream Lord; therefore reader of this deltoid will realize the values ​​of Islam true in Eminence and approval of the virtues that prevailed before the Prophet, and understands the innate these values, This is the poem of the longest poems by poet, and most famous, came in twenty-two beta, and again came in eighteen, and the rest between seven and one house, and most of his poems came in the same subject of the poem deltoid that Sndersha, to devote moral values ​​in the spirit of Islamic tradition. The total came from his poems in the Office of poets Amoaon Dr. Nuri Hamoudi Qaysi is eighty-one beta in thirteen text, after the split of his poems, and did not collect in poetry.