Assessment of Health Facilities’ Performance of Surveillance Activities for Childhood Vaccine-Preventable Diseases at Health Facilities in Wasit Governorate / Iraq/2010


Objectives: To assess health facilities’ performance of surveillance of childhood vaccine preventable diseases.Methods: A descriptive cross-sectional study was conducted at 51surveillance units and communicable diseases units. The World Health Organization surveillance assessment questionnaire was used for data collection.Results: Regarding the performance of health facilities, there were deficiencies in some surveillance items. No any health facility had complete of surveillance manual. The percentage of health facilities that had the standard case definitions and correctly filled clinical registers were 5.9% and 22.9% respectively. Only 11.6% of health facilities had a written case management protocol for one epidemic prone disease and 21.6% of health facilities implemented preventive and control measures based on local data.Conclusions: There is no complete National surveillance manual, a clear deficiency in different resources, incomplete and incorrect form of filling of the majority of clinical registers.