Estimation of fatigue-corrosion damage and life under variable loading based on modified corrosion fatigue model (MCFM)


Fatigue damage and life results from the conjoint actions of cyclically applied stress and external environment (chemical) are studied for aluminum (3003-H18) alloy to explore load-environment interaction in fatigue which is essential to the formulate rational life prediction of component and structures. In this study, a modified corrosion-fatigue model (MCFM) based on the S-N curve and taking into account the effect of load history and corrosion effect was introduced. The obtained results from this model are in good agreement with the experimental results and show a 2.492 safety factor while Palmgren-Miner (PM) rule gave 1.372 factor of safety. The corrosion environment reduces the fatigue endurance limit by 5.06% compared to dry fatigue