Synthesis and Characterizations of two Herbicides with Zn/Al Layered double hydroxide nano hybrides.


Afunctional hybrid nanocomposit based on the intercalation of mixed cohydrolysed anions 2,4Dichlorophenoxy acetate (24D) and 4-chlorophenoxy acetate (4CPA), they are from the family of herbicides , which are used as plant growth regulators, this two anions intercalated by in direct method in layer double hydroxid (LDH) type of Zn, Al synthesized by co precipitation with LDH, Zn /Al =R= 4The characterized by gas chromatography coupled with mass spectroscopy (GC-MS) , showed the existence fragments of two different phase belong to 24D and 4CPA, X-Ray Diffractions ( XRD) confirm the intercalations of two anions by the existence of two phases through a series of diffracted harmonies d(003), d(006), d(009) and d(0012), Fourier Transformation Infra Red ( Ftir), thermal analysis. (TG- DTG). All those techniques succeed to detecting the existence of a mixture of two phases belongs to the intercalations of the two anions in between interllmilar distance of the LDH, which act as a host matrixes for the intercalation of guest anions to synthesis hybrid organic- inorganic nanocomposit .