Measurement of Background Radioactivity in Baghdad's Main Water Supply Stations: Sediment Samples


Sediment samples were collected from main water processing and supply plants in Baghdad, and tested for radioactivity from both natural and artificial sources. These stations are: East Dijla (Tigris), Al-Kadisia, Al-Karama, Al-Rasheed, Al-Sader, Al-Wathba, and Al-Wihda supply stations. Qualitative measurements were made, and the results showed that most sediments exhibited natural radioactive level and sometimes less than the international regular standards. Specially, K-40 and Ra-226 results were much less than the standards for radioactive concentrations. Ac-228 concentration was found rather than Th-232 (in Al-Sader and Al-Wihda samples) but with low concentrations of about 10-15 Bg/kg and detection confidence ~45% , and Ce-141 and Be-7 both with concentration less than 5 Bq/kg but with confidence ~90%. Cs-137 was detected in 6 of these samples with concentrations varied from 0.84 to 10.42 Bq/kg. All samples measurements were within standard limits providing acceptable radioactivity levels.