The study of CO2 laser welding for stainless steel


The laser welding process for (304) stainless steel by pulsed and continuous CO2 laser ,had been studied , where all of ( T,I(Z), β(t), υ, υwelding, Qh, Qm, Qv and Qtot) had been calculated as function of each (pulse speed at different repetition rates , pulse width ) for pw-CO2 laser and as a function of thickness at different values of incident laser power for cw-CO2 laser. The pulsed CO2 laser welding had been compared with continuous CO2 laser welding and we found that the pw-CO2 at high repetition rate is the best in welding process achieving because of highest values of welding efficiency .As well as , the using of high power laser fasten welding process. It can be concluded that the keyhole welding is more useful than spot welding because of it's highest value of each of welding speed (υwelding) and welding efficiency (ξ).