Effect of Transformational Leadership and Information Systems Existence in Knowledge Acquisition Process


Acquisition knowledge is the important process of knowledge management, because it enables banks to access the knowledge and document it and make it available for all. So, when banks continue in acquisition knowledge, they make it convoyed to the recent evolutions in its work environment, as a result, banks get continuous competitive advantage. So, this search deals with the effect of transformational leadership and Information Systems existence in knowledge acquisition process which happening in the banks, where can defining both transformational leadership and information systems as independent variables, which have role in motivate the individuals in the banks to continue in knowledge acquisition. This search studies the following independent factors; transformational leadership and information systems. The dependent variable is knowledge acquisition process in the banks. To achieve research goals, researchers have done exploration study on opinions of sample from employees at the general managements of Syrian Governmental Banks in Damascus capital. To this end, questionnaire was designed and distributed to (130) employees at these managements. They have been selected by random sample from research society. They are consisted of general managers, their assistants and the central managers and departments' bosses. The descriptive statistics and (T - Student) coefficient were conducted to test hypotheses and regression analysis of a package of statistical programs (SPSS.ver15). The research found effect relationship between both transformational leadership and information systems and knowledge acquisition in banks.