Explanation introduction in linguistic approach in Holy Koran: Analytical study


The Arabic library consist of a lot of books for Koran explanation belongs to different ages and many approaches, we find differences in opinions and directions in the text and differences in many situations as (provision verses and belief verses and others), these differences are not in the text but caused by the explainers, this can be called different in reading which led to multi readings, one of these readings: Holy Koran read according to linguistic approach in explanation, text here is a speech lean on many criterions, like: state the Arabic of Holy Koran in reference to Arab language in Koran explanation; that the base that lean to discover the purpose meaning is (miraculous nature of Koran), the explainer should observe this case; because the explainer should study Koran and explain it according to Islam thinking, in another way we find that the explainer regard the Holy Koran as meaningful speech,


Arabic language