The Role of EFL Teacher as an Effective Communicator


It is widely admitted that language learning requires two basic concepts; language and communication. As a consequence, speaking in the target language has often been considered as the most base to the other learning skills. Accordingly, English Foreign Language teachers are supposed to be capable of mastering the theory of practicing the target language for the construction of well-formed practices. However, those teachers should take into consideration certain techniques to develop their students’ communicative performance. The general goal of foreign language teaching is accomplished when the students acquire the ability to communicate in the foreign language effectively. It is believed in this study that teaching a foreign language can be achieved not only in the quality of linguistic knowledge to be acquired but moreover in the way of organizing and applying that knowledge to a practical situation. So this study is intended to describe and discuss some pedagogic concepts that assist teachers of English to present their lesson while it is based on academic, scientific and even psychological views. These concepts are: considerable knowledge on various language procedures, communicative method, lesson planning, clarity, oral