Synthesis and Identification of Some New Derivative of Trimethoprim and Paracetemol Drugs


In this research two series of the new derivatives of Trimethoprim and paracetamol drugs have been prepared which known as a high medicinal effectiveness. Series (A) is including the interaction of diazonium salt of trimethoprim and coupling with some substituted phenol compounds (2-amino phenol, 3-ethyl phenol, 1-naphthol, 2-nitro phenol, Salbutamol). Series (B) is including the interaction coupling alkali solution of paracetamol with diazonium salt of some substituted aniline compounds (Benzedine, 2, 3-di chloro aniline, Trimethoprim, Anilinium chloride, 2-nitro- 4-chloro aniline).Chemical structures of all synthesized compounds were confirmed by UV-visible and FTIR spectroscopy.