Impact of the strategy of roles- playing in Immediate learning for some Items of the international law in the Handball


The study aimed to identify the Impact of the strategy of playing roles in simultaneous education of some of the paragraphs of international law in the handball for the 4th year students of the college of physical education ,Mousl University for the academic year 2011-2012. The experimental method has been chosen to resolve the problem of the research. The model experimental design consisted of two groups ( experimental and control ) of pre-and- post test. The researchers assumed the existence of statistically significant differences between the degrees of the experimental groups and control group in the final test for a number of paragraphs of the law in the international handball and in favor of the students of experimental group . The research sample consisted of 36 students which was distributed into two equal groups. The implementation of the training program took (8 weeks).. Theoretical and practical final tests were conducted after the completion of the selected program. Then the results were obtained and statistically treated by using the mean ,standard deviation and (T-test). The most significant results are for the benefit of the experimental group in all theoretical and practical tests and the need to generalize this method in the implementation of practical lessons in the college of physical education was recommended.