A.C Conductivity and Dielectric Properties of Epoxy - TiO2 Nanocomposites


In this paper, A.C conductivity of micro and nano grain size- TiO2 filled epoxy composites is measured. The dielectric material used is epoxy resin, while micro and nano-sized titanium dioxide (TiO2) of grain size (1.5μm, and 50nm) was used as filler at low filler concentrations by weight (3%, and 5%). Additionally the effect of annealing temperature range (293-373)º K and at a frequency range of 102-106 Hz on the A.C conductivity of the various specimens was studied. The result of real permittivity for micro and nanocomposite show that the real permittivity increases with decreasing frequency at range of 102-106Hz. The micron-filled material has a higher real relative permittivity than the nano-filled this is true at all the temperatures measured.The variation of the A.C conductivity with frequency for micro and nanocomposites shows that A.C conductivity for all samples increase with increasing frequency and the temperature dependence on the A.C conductivity increases as the frequency decrease.