The relation of salivary antioxidants to dental caries among overweight and obese adult aged 30-40 year-old at textile factory in Mosul city


Background: Overweight and obese people are at higher risk for systemic diseases as well as oral diseases like dentalcaries. The aim of this study was to explore the relationship of salivary antioxidants (albumin, vitamin E, and vitamin C)in addition to salivary flow rate and magnesium level with dental caries severity among overweight and obese adultaged 30-40 year-old at Textile Factory in Mosul City.Material and method: The sample for this study consisted of all subjects aged 30-40 year-old (thirty five subjects) atthe Textile factory in Mosul city. Body weight can be measured by using the Body Mass Index (BMI). Dental caries wasrecorded by lesion severity through the application of D1-4 MFS index. Salivary flow rate was measured after collectionof unstimulated saliva then salivary samples were analyzed for the measurement of salivary antioxidants (albumin,vitamin E, and vitamin C) and magnesium level.Results: Salivary vitamin E and C levels were higher among overweight and obese subjects respectively comparedwith non-obese though statistical differences were not significant. Albumin level was significantly higher amongoverweight than non-obese subjects. In addition Obese and overweight subjects revealed reduced salivary flow ratecompared with non-obese but with no significant difference; whereas salivary magnesium level was elevatedamong obese compared to non-obese individuals though statistical difference was not significant. Regarding cariesseverity, obese and overweight subjects revealed higher dental caries severity (i.e. DMFS, MS, DS, D3 and D4 meanvalues) compared with non-obese.Conclusions: Overweight and obesity could be risk factor for increasing dental caries severity thus educational andpreventive programs that include dietary counseling (for lowering body weight and caries severity as well), oralhygiene practices, and regular visits for the dentist are needed