Digital panoramic assessment of maxillary implant insertion areas among controlled type 2 diabetic patients


Background: Restoring the edentulous maxilla with dental implants is a complex and challenging procedureespecially for individuals with type 2 diabetes mellitus. Appropriate pre-placement planning, in which digitalpanoramic image plays a pivotal role for assessment of alveolar bone heights and localization of anatomiclandmarks, allows the dentist to place these implants with relative ease and predictability. The Aim of the study wasto assess pre operatively the vertical bone heights of edentulous maxilla of controlled type 2 diabetes mellituspatients for implant length selection and planning.Materials and methods: Digital panoramic images were taken from 50 male with controlled type 2 diabetes mellitusand 50 healthy male subjects (age ranged from 42-81 years). Five sites in maxilla were measured on every image,and the collected data were processed and statistically analyzed by using Medcalc Software program (version11.5).Results: There was a highly significant difference for vertical bone height measurements of edentulous maxillabetween healthy subjects and controlled type 2 diabetics. there was no significant difference for vertical boneheight measurements with ageing. The linear regression model showed that the duration of type 2 diabetes mellitushad more effects on alveolar bone resorption than age.Conclusion: Edentulous subjects with type 2 diabetes mellitus had more alveolar bone resorption even they had acontrol state of the disease unlike the healthy non-diabetic one and the bone resorption progressed with increasedduration of the disease.