Chronological aِge estimation in adolescent and young adult subjects in relation to mandibular third molar development using digital panoramic image


Background: Predicting chronological age in adolescents and young adults can be crucial in Medico legal contextsand the third molar is the only developing tooth during this period that used to determine chronological age.The purpose of this study was to estimate the chronological age based on the stages of mandibular third-molardevelopment following the eight stages (A–H) method of Demirjian et alMaterials and methods: The sample consisted of 436 Iraqi adolescents and young adults subjects have been chosenwith known chronologic age (range, 14–24 years) and sex (162 males and 274 female), digital panoramicradiograph had been taken for each examined subject, Demirjian’s grading has been used to assess third molardevelopmentResults: Statistically significant differences (P _ 0.05) in third-molar development between males and females wererevealed regarding the development stages D,E and F. Third-molar genesis was attained earlier in males than infemales. Statistical analysis showed a strong correlation between age and third-molar development for males (r 2 _0.91) and for females (r 2 _ 0.87).Conclusion: It was concluded that the use of mandibular third molar development stages using Demirjian methodcan be considered as good valuable chronological age indicators in adolescents and young adults