Effect of modified zirconium oxide nano-fillers addition on some properties of heat cure acrylic denture base material


Background: Polymer nano composite attracted great attention especially because of their unexpected hybridproperties that are synergistically derived from the two components. The aim of this study was to evaluate the effectof addition of modified nano-zirconium oxide on some properties of heat cured acrylic denture base material.Materials and methods: Zirconium oxide nano fillers modified by a silane coupling agent Tri (methoxysilyl) propylmethacrylate before dispersed and sonicated in monomer (MMA)in different percentage 2%,3%and 5%by weight.Three hundreds and twenty specimens were prepared for these studies were divided into five main groupsaccording to the test used. The tests were abrasive wear, water sorption and solubility, porosity, tensile and fatiguestrength test. For each test four sub groups (one control and three for different weight percentage of nano-ZrO2).Scanning electron microscope techniques used to analyze the fracture surface of fatigue test and estimate thedispersion and distribution of the nano-ZrO2 particles.Results: Highly significant increase in abrasive wear resistance with 3wt% and 5wt% of nano fillers with all groups ofdenture cleansers. highly significant decrease in water sorption and solubility. Significant decrease in porosity in 3wt%and 5wt%. Highly significant increase in both tensile and fatigue strength in all groups but slightly decreased in 5wt%as compared with 3wt% but still high significant as compared with control group.Conclusion: incorporating the modified nano-ZrO2 into acrylic resin results in improvement in abrasive wearresistance, tensile and fatigue strength in addition decrease in water sorption, solubility and porosity of heat curedenture base resin.