Uses of periodontal status for assessment of alveolar bone loss by clinical and radiographic analysis in smokers and non smokers


Background: The measurement was done by liner measurement from CEJ to AC by choosing the virnia. Theradiographic land marks the CEJ and AC mere identified. CEJ can be defined as the bounder between the enameland the cementum of root. The study were carried on in Oral Surgery and Radiology department in dentistry schoolof Alyarmouk University CollegeMaterial and Methods: Forty patients with in20-24 years of age were selected for this study that attended to Surgeryand Radiology department in dentistry school of Alyarmouk University CollegeResults: The plaque index: in group 1 (the smokers) in both plaque index 1.023 + 0.308 GI = 1.004 +0.091. Comparedwith group 2 (nonsmokers) = 1.264 +2.407 in PI and GI = 1.023 +1.445.Conclusions: Dental Plaque, Gingival Index, Bleeding on Probing and Probing Pocket Depth was highly elevated insmokers group compared with non- smokers group