Effects of Pimpinella Anisum extract on salivary counts of Streptococci and Mutans Streptococci in comparison to Chlorhexidine in vivo


Background: Pimpinella Anisum is one of the commonly utilized traditional medicines due to its pharmaceuticalproperties such as anti-inflammatory, anti-viral, anti-fungal, and anti-bacterial effects. It is used to relieve coughs,sore throats and contraction of epilepsy also used in refreshing mouth and against bad breath.Aim of the study: To test the effects of Pimpinella Anisum extracts on the viability counts of salivary Streptococci andMutans Streptococci in comparison to chlorhexidine in vivo.Materials and methods: Pimpinella Anisum was extracted using ethanol; Different concentrations of the extractswere prepared in gm/100 ml of deionized water. Chlorhexidine used as control positive and deionized water ascontrol neutral. The volunteers were dental student divided into three groups each group rinse with one of the testagent (Pimpinella Anisum extract, chlorhexidine and deionized water) for 1min. Counts of bacteria recorded at fivetime interval (before rinsing, 1min., 15min., 30min. and 1hr). Mutans Streptococci were isolated from stimulated salivaof the students, purified and diagnosed according to morphological characteristics and biochemical tests.Results: Highly significant differences between the extract and both chlorhexidine and deionized water regardingthe count of bacteria. There were no significant differences between extract and chlorhexidine regarding pH, whilesignificant differences were found between the extract and deionized water at all time points except after 30minutes it was highly significant difference.Conclusion: Pimpinella Anisum ethanol extract was effective against Mutans Streptococci