The Effect of Rhythm on The Poetry of Gharbi Haj Ahmad


Gharbi of the Haj Ahmed Iraqi poet Moussalli 1924-2000, March writing poetry for four decades, a contemporary of which political events experienced by Iraq and the Arab world and the world, falls his hair in the direction of national and national, as sung patriotism, he wrote poems at the festival the teacher and the festival student and greet the teacher, and fought his poetry for its unity, independence, and called for resistance to the occupation of England, as sung with love of Palestine, and praised the struggle of the Palestinian resistance, as well as the resistance in all parts of the Arab, his poems emotional love poems and political, where he was a member of the Independence Party, and style of his poetry combines the system two parts and hair Trochee.This research to study the effect of rhythm in his poetry represented the most prominent phenomena rhythmic it, which includes weight and rhyme, was organized largely on a sea full, also organized on the sea's abundant and long, simple and Almojtt also came over his poetry to rhyme Alra, also organized on the rhymes such as signifier and Essential and the harvest and others.It also relied on an iterative method Bonamath three: Repeat the letter, repeating the word, repeat the phrase and adopted a method of recycling which is based on a split floor between the two halves in the vertical hair, and on the division between the two lines in free verse, as was recycling the two patterns: the first complete weight and decrease the meaning , and the other is complete, meaning and weight loss. And has a manuscript obtained by the Office of Dr. Thanoon Atraqchi poet, wrote in the light of this study.