Evaluation diffusion-controlled release of organic species through the LDHs particles based on synthesized and characterized of Mg/Al-Rifampicin- layered double hydroxide nanohybrid .


Synthesis of Mg/Al- layered double hydroxides intercalated with rifampicin drug . To obtaining nanohybrid compounds. The method of ion exchange was used with different molar ratio Mg/Al=2,3,4,5, the resulted material was characterized by Fourier transform infrared spectra (FT – IR) ,XRD (X-ray diffraction) the release profiles of the guest anion to phosphate ,sulphate aqueous media, the accumulated release in to phosphate more than sulphate. Release kinetics of Rifampicin has been evaluated with various models such as zeroth order, first order and pseudo- second order as well as Bhaskar equation. It is observed that the release profiles of Rifampicin were governed by pseudo second order. Additionally in this study, novel equations were used and applied for predicting the diffusion of guest anion through LDH nano hybrid particles and applied it for the Rifampicin. These equations were more suitable for diffusion than the previous equation like Bhaskar equation and it’s the most convenient.