Species Composition and Ecological indices of Fishes in the restored marshes of Southern Mesopotamia


Fish species composition and ecological indices were monitored in three restored southern marshes(Suq Al-Shuyukh, Al- Huwayzah and East Hammar ),during the period June 2004 to July 2005. 18 freshwater and seven marine species were collected in total from Al- Huwayza, Suq Al-Shuyuakh and East Hammar. The fish composition of each marsh exhibit certain differences . In Al- Huwayzah the fish assemblage dominated by native species formed of 70.6 % . In Suq Al-Shuyukh 64.7% ,in East Hammar consisted of 47.8%.The highest alien and marine constituents was in Al- Huwayzah and East Hammar 29.4% and 30.4%respectively. The dominant species in the three monitored marshes was Liza abu and in the second rank was Carassius carassius.Diversity and Richness were higher in East Hammar than other marshes, Evenness generally the same in all marshes. Higher value of Similarity between Suq Al- Shuyukh and East Hammar 73.9%, between Al- Huwazah and Suq Al- Shuyukh 70%, in comparison with 68.1% between Al- Huwazah and East Hammar. The recovery index were higher in East Hammar( 71.8%), in compared with 69.5 % and 65.2 % in Suq Shuyukh andHuwazah respectively.