The interior developments of the soviet union 1924 - 1939


Recognizes when Vladimir Lenin government in Russia in 1917, working to convince the Russian people need to undergo a transition can people from which to accept the application of the socialist system, work on the application of the capitalist system in a limited way through Acash economic knew Actinb as only the taxation of the peasants who have been granted freedom in the sale of their products, and returned the industrial establishments Minor to their owners and allow companies to manage labs major without-owned, has also allowed foreign investment under the control of the state and became the economy is growing under this policy, rising industrial production, agricultural and disappeared the problems suffered by Russia, but this policy has made the economy is based on the public sector and private sector, and led to the emergence of new opportunistic layer was Balcolac. After Lenin's death in January 1924 the work of Joseph Stalin in eliminating his opponents, who were divided into current left-wing led by Leon Trotsky and the tide of right-wing led by Zinoviev and Kamenev, and return the difference between Trotsky and Stalin to their attitude towards the New Economic Policy, prepared by Trotsky back to the capital, and defends his theoryargument revolution permanent any left outside Russia to become a global, either Stalin sees the need to defend the policy of the NEP as a first stage because it contributed to the development of the economy and embrace the idea of the ongoing revolution in stages leading to the consolidation of the socialist system in Russia and then internationalized, and the Alliance of Stalin with right-wing and form a majority within the Communist Party and Trotsky's isolation from the Ministry of Defence in 1925 and then from the Communist Party in 1927 and then expelled from the country in 1929, Stalin and then emptied of the current right-wing and spent it, Stalin abolished NEP and applied planning policy. Introduction to the Search section, three chapters and a conclusion has included the first chapter of domestic policy developments of the Soviet Union 1924-1928. While the second chapter deals with the internal political developments of the Soviet Union 1928-1936. The third chapter was devoted to study the internal political developments of the Soviet Union 1936-1936. Search and adopted a lot of Arab and foreign sources have been installed at the end of the search.