The Effect of Aqueous Extract of Capparis spinosa Flowers on the Level of Serum Lipids in Rabbits


Background: The aqueous and alcoholic extract of Capparis spinosa Possessed many different pharmacological activity such as anti-hyperlipidemic Properties. The aim: The present study aims at investigating the influence of the aqueous extract of Capparis spinosa flowers on the levels of serum lipids profile for normal and hyperlipidemic rabbits. Material and method: Twenty male white rabbits of (2-2.5)Kg. in weight and of age six months hyperlipoproteinaemia was induced experimentally by feeding the first ten with a were used, The high cholesterol diet ( 2gm/kg/day animal fat with adding 2 gm / Kg / day cholesterol powder.) For six weeks then they divided into two subgroups: (A) as a positive control and ( B ) . The other ten rabbits were given ordinary diet and served as controls ,then divided into two subgroups ( C ) as negative control and ( D ). Subgroups (B) and (D) were treated daily for 30 days with an aqueous extract of Capparis spinosa flowers with concentration of 100 mg / ml and an oral dose of 5 ml/ Kg / day, that was given orally by intragastric tubation.After 12- 14 hours of fasting, 5 ml of venous blood was drawn, then centrifuged for 10 min. at 3000 rpm for serum separation. Serum lipids were determined by the enzymatic method and Statistical analysis was performed.Results :The results showed that the treatment of rabbits with an aqueous extract of Capparis spinosa flowers in concentration of 100 mg / ml and therapeutic dose of 5 ml/ kg / day via oral administration and for thirty days , reduced significantly (P < 0.05) the total serum cholesterol ( TC) level , triglycerides ( TG ) , low- density lipoprotein cholesterol (LDL-C) and very low-density lipoprotein cholesterol (VLDL-C) in hyperlipidemic rabbits ( group B ) and had no effect on the level of high-density lipoprotein cholesterol (HDL-C) . Also the aqueous extract reduced significantly (P < 0.05) the level of ( TG) and ( VLDL-C ) in normal rabbits (group D) ,while no significant reduction was seen in the level of TC., LDL-C and HDL-C . Conclusion: The experimental results showed a therapeutic importance of Capparis spinosa flowers in lowering the levels of serum lipids and decreasing the infection risk of acute coronary syndrome.