AL-Balaathiri's Futooh al-Buladaan as a Source an the history of Basrah


AL-Balaathiri's book Futooh al-Buladaan is deemed as one of significant sources that deal with countries . this is due to the historical ,geographical and economic contents that it came to have about the Islamic towns.AL-Balaathiri had followed and adopted an academic procedure in composing this book-based an marrating and evaluating the historical events in more than one version.He talked about the urbanization of al-Basrah –a subject for which he allotted 25 pages in his book. He started by mentioning its towns and villages in the pre-Islamic era, such as: al-khuraiba and al-Ubilla. He also talked about the efforts made by the Muslim leaders in liberating al-Basrah ( by Utba ibn Ghazwaan in the year 14 AH.). He cited information about the bases and principles followed in building the city and the problem of saltiness in it. He .as well, talked about its mosques buildings, palaces and baths. In addition , he talked about the role played by the women in liberating the city and her right in owning private properties, houses, baths and rives.