Ibn Saad's Grand Strata: A Source in The Study of Basrah's History


Basrah, since it has been a city in 14 A.H on the hand of great leader Utba Bin Ghazwan, , has got great attention by the Arab historian and Muslims. Ibn Saad is one of those historians who had given Basrah a great attention and what it has witnessed of political , social , economical and educational developments for it became a settlement for the migrated Muslims. It has attracted many Companions who came and settled in Basra . as a result they had established many intellectual schools outside the Arabian Peninsula. These schools has become gleam centers for the whole world. Many students who sought science and knowledge came to Basra in order to drink much from its sciences and literature . In our research we will throw the light on one of Basra characters who had a great, clear impact in studying of the important aspects of Basra's history and civilization through his book ( AlTabakat AlKubra , The Major Classes) . He has written about the biography of many companions and followers and followers of the followers both men and women . He spoke about their light spots of their intellectual , scientific and professional career . It was an obvious print in the heritage of Basra and he was so well in that. Because of the importance of this book as it contains valuable information about the history of the Arab Islamic state has printed several edition. This book is divided into a number of parts according the editionFor the importance of Basra in Islamic history as the first city in Islam, as well a the first city outside the Arabian Peninsula has attracted arrivals of companions to dwell in, so it had a great attention by the Caliphs, and later of the Umayyads and Abbasids, being the it was the base from which the Muslim Arab armies launch to the east , and what was this city of a leading role in political and military events, in particular its role in the Islamic conquests, and the battle of the AlJamel (Camel) , and the revolution of Musab ibn al-Zubayr and other momentous events , as well as they formed the nucleus of the intellectual movement and civilization to the Islamic nation after the city of Medina, as it left us a huge legacy about the biography of the companions and followers and followers of the followers in the language and the science oh Sheria (Islam) and interpretation and various humanities sciences. In fact, the major classes of Ibn Saad is considered a rich source of study and an important part in Basra's history and culture through its historical stages, as it covers the critical period that Basra had a share in the history the Arab Islamic state since its establishment until the author's death in230 AH.