Book of the animal source to study the history of Basrah


The Book of the animal to Abu Uthman Amro ibn Bahr Al-Jaha'z sources of Basrah's history important because the author was a true image of this city was born and lived and died, which is not known the author of Al-Jaha'z images environment accurate portrayal. It provides Al-Jaha'z features of life and locations hometown of Basra guide book of the animal. The book animal abounds with regard to this city and this is one of the most important sources for in the first three centuries because it is often mentioned, which read, heard and much of what users and try and perhaps his observations and experiences are more important because they reflect the life of the community visual and was disturbed by it and because Al-Jaha'z was concerned that the image honest to his time, and a book of animal protruding one of the sources that helped to portray the Basrah and shaping the society in which disrupted when many races and various cultures which have interacted.Al-Jaha'z talking about Al- Basrah Al-Jaha'z and associate news stories and funny and sometimes are not funny and some was coupled with scientific phenomena such as bird migrations, as documented in this book that our folk customs and the names of ordinary people from the general public as well as writers and scholars of the people of Basra.Came famous Al-Jaha'z from his book Animal, because this book has a wealth of material for geography, history, sociology, religion and literature in addition to the life sciences is the book encyclopedic really. Al-Jaha'z spoke for the community of Basrah and did not leave a range of brackets, without touched or little story about a so provides material for those who want to look in the history of Basrah and defining its role in the Arab-Islamic civilization.