Experimental Measurements of the Mechanical Behavior of the Composite Materials and Hybrid Materials Subject to Tensile Test


Given the importance of hybrid materials and their uses in many field of life in all the world such as since of medicine used in the manufacture of orthoses and in the automobile industry, aircraft and ships and in the areas of sport in tennis rackets and bicycle tires and other... so in this paper we have been making and testing five group of samples of the hybrid materials that have specific volume fraction of glass fibers and Kevlar fibers in malty layers and then a tensile mechanical testing them by means of a special machine of composite materials at the Institute Specialist For Engineering Industries according to the standard. It should be noted that each of number of layers and type of reinforced materials under investigation resulted a typical effect on FRP composite properties being produced. It showed that each of these parameters influences the properties of the resulted composites in different ways. The research was to investigate the influence of processing parameters on the mechanical properties (tensile) of the composites and determine an optimum processing route. A considerable positive hybrid effect was noticed for tensile strength and tensile modulus, particularly for the samples consisting of more than one layer and reinforced with two kinds of fibers.