Statistical Evaluation of the Affective Factors on the Process of Preparing Time Schedules for Iraqi Construction Projects


The aim of this study is to investigate the fact of the process planning and time scheduling for the construction projects in Iraq. The research displays the main factors and causes that contribute in decay of preparing the time scheduling for construction projects.To achieve these objectives , a scientific methodology has been followed, represented in collecting the literature related to the subject of time scheduling and the field study represented by interviews and a questionnaire which takes into account the fact of the process planning and time scheduling in the construction companies and identifying the factors that affected on the preparing the time scheduling such as contract documents , natural of the project, management of the construction company and natural of the planning process. There are twenty three factors which have most importance affected on the preparing of the time scheduled, such as (not calculating some items of the bill of quantity) and (effective planners) which have the relatively importance (76.66%) and (75.17%) respectively.In the light of the conclusions obtained, the necessary recommendations have been established to develop time scheduling for the construction companies.