Haematological Study for Burns, Wound and Urinary Tract Patients Infected with Klebsiella spp. and their Antibiotic Sensitivity


The study included (513) clinical samples distributed to 238 burn swabs, 139 wound swabs, 136 urine during two successive years 2008 and 2009 from different ages and both genders. Bacteriological culture, morphological and biochemical tests employed to diagnose Klebsiella. The results showed they were 370 isolates. The highest frequency of Klebsiella isolated recorded were (63.8)% during 2009, and highest incidence of Klebsiella spp. isolated from burn swabs 50% followed by wound and urine 29.1% and 24.6% respectively. And the highest isolated for Klebsiella spp. was found in burn female 58.4% compared with male. The most predominant age group were between 20-30 years with percentage of isolate 21.9%.