Temples in the Neo-Assyrian Kingdom Between Sanctity and Sacrilege


Temples and their rights was of great responsibility towards kings, governors and peoples. Any neglect of offering, building or rebuilding was reflected in the Assyrian inscription and corresponding. Their duty and the responsibility towards those who may not respect these religious places.
This research is regarded as one of the most important religious subjects because it reflects an aspect of the religious fact which the Assyrian society lived through the New Assyrian period via studying the temples and their prestige in the New Assyrian kingdom. So, the Assyrian kings took care seriously of the religious affairs that reflected clearly on their royal titles, and descriptions. Subsequently , the worshipping centers, i.e.(the temples) favored with great interest by them in terms of sanctity and holiness but that hallo of importance was subject occasionally to certain kinds of encroachments and sacrileges by the public and some official characters.
According , this research sheds light on the range of care taken by the Assyrian kings as to the sanctity of those temples, binding to their controls on one hand. The study also tries know to the nature of those encroachments and what was the measures adopted by the kings about this point on the other hand.


Mud, temples, drawings