Emotional response and its relationship to accurately perform some basic skills Handball players of applicants))


A search on the five-door touched a researcher at the forefront of research into the psychological aspect and its importance and in particular emotional response which has an effect in the high-accuracy performance of the basic skills of handball, especially in the field of competition. While included in the research problem include poor attention of trained psycho-attach great importance on the skills and tactical and physical. The theoretical studies included the emotional response and the basic skills of handball as Asttriq researcher in section III the descriptive style survey and relationships connectivity and included the research community on the players applicants handball to the Middle Euphrates region in the Premier League season (2011 - 2012) and by (112) as a player, and the The research sample was the number (83) players. It is the fourth through the door appeared the results of research show that there is significant correlation between the two skills as used to search with the emotional response. In Chapter Five the researcher recommended the need to focus on aspects of psychological and emotional response related to the influential in the basic skills in the games, including the acceding and handball.