Trends in Writing Japan's History in The U.S.A. By Edwin Rashewar and Patric Smith As Examples


The research subject of writing the history of trends in Japan in the United States, which was divided into two schools of thought, the distribution of U.S. researchers in Japanese history to them, namely: 1-The Conservative school .2- The progressive school.Through the two writers and two books, namely Edwin O. Reischauer in his book (The Japanese) from the Conservative school, as one of the pioneers of this school and the most prominent founders. And Patrick Smith in his book (Japan: A Reinterpretation), progressive school, which is one of the important contemporary researchers who contributed to the work on the revival of the progressive school. We will analyze and critique the most prominent views in two books that came to the highlight of the proposals and during which the foundations upon these schools, and their impact on the image of Japan in the United States and the world.