The Effect by using assistant means to developing the technical performance in Pole Vault activity for young


Abstract :The study included .Definition of the research ;that which dealt in a big development which senior motor learning due to use assistant means that which use it very useful in operation education ;In addition to the assistant means play role in technical performance develop and level of achievement in pole vault activity.The research problem : Involved in decrease of technical performance in the pole vault activity when compared with other Arab country and world ; the cause of this problem was a few using assistant means by coaching , so not have information about using it , in addition to there is no especial program suitable with Iraqi player jump. The research Aims: Designing a Learning practices by using assistant means in pole vault for Young. Knowing the effect of practices by using assistant meaning in developing technical Performance in the pole vault active. The research proposition : There are prefence that have statistical significant between pre and post – tests for both experimental and standard groups and for the benefit of the pretest. There are differences that have statistical significant between standard and experimental groups in post tests for the benefit of experimental group. The research scopes :The human scope : the player of Pole Vault from Najaf government for young( 15- 16 )years .The time scope :from 21 4 2012 to 23 6 20192 . The place scope :the stadium of sport Najaf club . The Theoretical and previous studies :The theoretical framework of the study included the following main topics:, Assistant means , importance and Aim it ; in addition to the previous studies for search . The study mythology and its field procedure : This unit contain from experimental method for suitable for this thesis ,sample of research which was consisted of all individuals of society ,user tools ,the educational program ,pre –post tests and statistical means .The sample research from ( 4 ) of pole vault player for youths in Najaf Government divided by lottery tow groups; experimental and standard, The experimental Group used especial system, which it included assistant means. The educational program consisted of ( 4 ) education units in week, in total (32) education unit for tow months .Conclusion and Recommendations : 5-1-conclusion :The assistant means helped for knowing all stages of technical performance for pole vault event .5-2-Recommendations : The technical performance must be evaluated in two or three months later for knowing the faults that in program.